Uzbekistan Goes After Islam with Clothing Ban and Cameras - EurasiaNet

Authorities in Uzbekistan are increasing their surveillance of Muslims, while showing greater concern about what they wear.

At the beginning of March, a representative from the government-controlled Muslim Spiritual Board in Namangan Region requested that cameras be installed in and around 181 mosques in the area, Regnum reported . Authorities claim the installation of security...

Erkaklar kiyinishida man qilingan 7 narsa/ 7 forbidden things for men in clothing

Erkaklar kiyinishida man qilingan 7 narsa/ 7 forbidden things in clothing of men and

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  1. Kyrgyzstan to promote economic reforms «The Times of Central Asia»
    "Currently the best option for Kyrgyzstan is to join the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Goods produced in Kyrgyzstan, mainly clothing, are sold in the CU countries." Besides, Kyrgyzstan's labor migrants transfer money from the CU 
  2. Foster family: first step towards adoption
    Also related adoption is very widespread among Kyrgyz: imagine if a couple can't have a child, it takes a kid from large families of relatives. As a result, kids with disabilities, who are most often left by biological parents, are left without a
  3. Aquila Style Style spied: Elmira Ismanova, budding designer from Kyrgyzstan
    Originally from Kyrgyzstan, Elmira, who is also an aspiring Muslim fashion designer, caught our attention this week. Her desire to fashionably cover up and create her own line was inspired by the lack of modest garments available for Muslimahs in
  4. Uran Chekirbaev: Kyrgyzstan should work with neighboring countries
    produced in the KR (e.g., clothing) is sold in the countries of the Customs Union. Our migrants work in these countries as well, who transfer money into the country. "It would be foolish to close this source. But in accession to the CU, Kyrgyzstan
  5. Architecture in Bishkek: what to look at?
    Many buildings in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, built in recent years, cause an ambiguous attitude. .kg news agency decided to find out which Baitik Baatyr St.(opposite Vefa Center) that store food and clothing. I like the building on Mederova


  1. Noted: If Hillary Clinton says something about sexism, youd better pay attention. Yesterday at something called a townterview (fun with portmanteaus!) with students and other young people in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, the secretary of state was fielding some pretty boring questions until the moderator...
  2.  China is expanding trade into nearby former Soviet Republics such as Tajikstan and Kyrgyzstan. There are caravans of Chinese trucks that bring clothing, electronic appliances flooding into Central Asia to
  3. QUETTA, Pakistan (AP) - Gunmen torched more than two dozen tankers carrying fuel to NATO troops and killed a driver Wednesday, the sixth attack on convoys taking supplies to Afghanistan since Pakistan closed a key border crossing almost a week ago.Islamabad shut down the Torkham crossing along...

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  1. Published by Infobase Publishing 2014
    ISBN 9781438122458,1438122454
  2. Published by Marshall Cavendish 2006
    ISBN 0761475710,9780761475712
    Describes the geography, people, culture, and politics of the countries of the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa.
  3. Published by Taylor & Francis 2014
    ISBN 9780415966672,0415966671
    620 pages
  4. Published by Bradt Travel Guides 2014
    ISBN 9781841623498,1841623490
    296 pages
    Hidden in the depths of central Asia, Kyrgyzstan's yawning valleys and abundant wildlife make it one of the world's most beautiful destinations. Go trekking amongst the towering 7,000m peaks in the Central Tien Shan, sample shashlyk and laghman in the multi-coloured Osh Bazaar or take a dip in the enormous alpine Lake Issyk-Kul. This fully updated second edition includes everything you need to know about entry requirements and getting around, as well as insightful information on the history and culture of the once-nomadic Kyrgyz people. Join Laurence Mitchell on an adventure through isolated Silk Road villages, vast walnut forests and rocky deserts guarded by eagles and vultures.
  5. Published by Cornell University Press 2012
    ISBN 9780801466144,0801466148
    248 pages
    Mass mobilization is among the most dramatic and inspiring forces for political change. When ordinary citizens take to the streets in large numbers, they can undermine and even topple undemocratic governments, as the recent wave of peaceful uprisings in several postcommunist states has shown. However, investigation into how protests are organized can sometimes reveal that the origins and purpose of "people power" are not as they appear on the surface. In particular, protest can be used as an instrument of elite actors to advance their own interests rather than those of the masses. Weapons of the Wealthy focuses on the region of post-Soviet Central Asia to investigate the causes of elite-led protest. In nondemocratic states, economic and political opportunities can give rise to elites who are independent of the regime, yet vulnerable to expropriation and harassment from above. In conditions of political uncertainty, elites have an incentive to cultivate support in local communities, which elites can then wield as a "weapon" against a predatory regime. Scott Radnitz builds on his in-depth fieldwork and analysis of the spatial distribution of protests to demonstrate how Kyrgyzstan's post-independence development laid the groundwork for elite-led mobilization, whereas Uzbekistan's did not. Elites often have the wherewithal and the motivation to trigger protests, as is borne out by Radnitz's more than one hundred interviews with those who participated in, observed, or avoided protests. Even Kyrgyzstan's 2005 "Tulip Revolution," which brought about the first peaceful change of power in Central Asia since independence, should be understood as a strategic action of elites rather than as an expression of the popular will. This interpretation helps account for the undemocratic nature of the successor government and the 2010 uprising that toppled it. It also serves as a warning for scholars to look critically at bottom-up political change.


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Bride with parents. Karamyk village Full story is here - (in Russian)
Photo by Evgeni Zotov on Flickr

na kyrgyzstan kgz kygyzstan operationenduringfreedom humanitarianassistance transitcenteratmanas belovodoskyvillage
U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Laurie Boros, a client support administrator for the director of the Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan, brings a smile to the face of a young child at the Belovodsky Orphanage, April 13....
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Turkic Cultures and Children's Festival is organized by Raindrop Turkish House and Houston Istanbul Sister City Association to celebrate the rich heritage of many Turkic and sister nations including Turkey,...
Photo by Raindrop Turkish House on Flickr